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Team Bios

Get to know Weed Man

The Weed Man Picton, ON team lives and works in the communities that we serve. Offering quality service is our main goal for our customers and neighbours. Meet your Picton, ON Weed Man team of lawn specialists who are professionally trained to manage all of your lawn care needs. We're happy to introduce ourselves!

With many years in business, you could say we know a thing or two about superior lawn care. And although practices have evolved, our philosophy has stayed the same - to provide unrivaled customer service using the best products and equipment. Our licensed professionals are expertly trained to understand your lawn, give you trustworthy lawn care advice and service, just like a best friend would.

The Story Behind Our Success

Reg and Paula Kelly are the current owners of the Weedman franchise in Picton, which is situated at 74 Mitchells Crossroad. It was managed and operated by Paula's parents from 1993 to 1999 before passing on the proprietorship to Reg and Paula.

The couple once resided in Northern Ontario but eventually relocated to the beautiful town of Picton. The move was a milestone in itself, as they wanted their children to have a good sense of family. They felt that the only way to achieve that was by being closer to home.

With over a decade's worth of successful operations and management, Reg and Paula's Weed Man franchise continues to thrive. It serves countless homes and businesses in need of Picton lawn care services and hires at least one or two highly skilled professionals every season to help them provide clients with exceptional lawn maintenance.

The husband and wife team are very proud to be part of the Weedman family and continue to dedicate their time and effort to improving customer service. They believe that working for themselves is not about whether you can, but how well you do it, which is why they always strive to give nothing short of the best to their customers.

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