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White Grubs in Soil

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White Grub

Identifying Grubs In Your Lawn


Also known as European Chafers, May Beetles or June Bugs - White Grubs are small, plump, white larvae that viciously chew on grassroots. They live below the soil surface and actually chew off the roots of the grass. When the grassroots have been destroyed, the lawn will appear yellow in patches, as if the lawn was experiencing drought.


With this being said, Weed Man Picton, ON customers mistakenly assume that the lawn only needs water to restore it to a lush, green appearance. Other symptoms to watch for include: animals, like skunks and raccoons, digging up the lawn and birds feeding on grubs, leaving pencil-sized holes in your yard. Often, damaged turf will roll back like a carpet.


Life Cycle

To control an insect population, we must understand its habits and life cycle. Some Grubs complete their life cycle in one year, while others require three years to complete their life cycle. White Grubs survive the winter as larvae in the soil and in the early spring, the Grubs begin to feed again. Later in the spring and summer, they enter a resting stage (pupae) then hatch into adult beetles.

Did you know? A lot of beetles in your yard can mean a Grub problem later. These beetles will not damage your lawn however, they will lay their eggs which hatch into grub larvae. The larvae feed voraciously, which results in the yellowing of your lawn. 

Serious damage can occur in the spring, summer, and fall. If the problem is ignored, the patches will only get larger. The damaged areas will then fill in with weeds or Crabgrass. The best time to treat grubs is when they are very young before you are faced with severe damage. 

white grub damage on lawnControlling Grubs

If damage has already occurred, your licensed Weed Man Lawn Care professional can still treat your lawn for actively feeding Grubs. White Grub treatment must be watered in to be effective, and treatments vary depending on regulations in your local region. 


The treatment will not revive the damaged grass nor will it prevent skunks from digging in your lawn for a Grub snack. Overseeding is recommended in these areas.


Is your lawn experiencing Grub damage? Weed Man Picton, ONcan help. Contact your local franchise today for more information, or for a complimentary lawn analysis!

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